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13245300_917805871664115_5588939378078574678_nThe Way of the Sword
                      by J.R. Beardsley

And it shall come to pass, that all who drink freely from the sword.
Will swallow an abundance of strength, forte, integrity and inner wisdom.
Drawing power and sharpening their temper from the truth of the sword.
Swordsmen, dancers of music and storytellers of history unite!

Dance, cut and slice: knowledge from the past,
Drink in great battles, toast bitter duels, resist torrid love affairs.
Instruct us in the passion of light!

10517594_553411524770958_5759326330133263755_nAll who raise the sword will be challenged to the hilt
For their sweat, toil and bondage of the Blade.

To gain their own conquest, to free their inner expression
And awaken from their drunken stupor.
Break from the chains your quest begins now.


Sword in face



Raise your hilts to God!
The truth will set you free
It shall show you the Way…







Ancient sabre. A smart variant of the fighting weapon

Ancient sabre. A smart variant of the fighting weapon