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J. R. Beardsley

Executive Profile

Award-winning, internationally accomplished producer, director, demonstrated ability to deliver mission-critical results.

Fight Master, The Society of American Fight Directors 1983-2002.International Director: USA, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, West Indies and Japan.

Associate Director/Stage Combat Director, Drama Studio London 1980-1986.

Instructor and former student, American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco.

Producer and director for numerous film, game, illusion and action shows.

Winner – Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award. Winner – Dramalogue Award.


Skill Highlights

  • Director of action; Fight Master of the sword; director and writer; producer and director of major illusionists, action shows and extravaganzas, motion capture/stunts in Las Vegas, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway for MGM and Universal Studios among others.
  • Directed and produced many various productions; written and filmed commercials as part of corporate marketing strategy; created merchandising strategy for projects for live action, casino, theater, film and television.
  • Responsible for multi-million dollar budgets.
  • Associate Director for the Drama Studio London for six years. Directed and taught Staged Combat at professional training institutions internationally.
  • Produced directed, performed, wrote, choreographed and staged countless original musicals, theater, action spectaculars These were financial and artistic successes.
  • Over 35 years professional experience in the theater, opera and education.Core Accomplishments
  • Worked and lived in the USA,West Indies, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, England, Japan, India, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Based in San Francisco/Los Angeles for over 20 years, worked and taught from San Diego to Seattle, extensively in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
  • Stage, Screen,Theme Park and Casino Entertainment for over 35 years including hundreds of Artist-in- Residence appointments at universities and professional acting schools internationally.
  • Theater and opera credits include: Berkeley Rep, American Conservatory Theater, P.C.P.A. California Shakespeare Festival, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, San Francisco Mime Troupe, Marin Repertory, Tiffany Theater, Beverly Hills Playhouse, San Francisco Opera, Los Angeles Music Center and the Aspen Music Festival.
  • Casino/Theme Park entertainment credits include: MGM; Universal Studios (Hollywood); Universal Escape (Florida); Universal (Japan); Target; Burbank Studios; Fox Studios; Caesar’s Palace; Harrah’s (New Zealand); See Productions (Las Vegas); Farrington Productions (Las Vegas); Space World (Kitakyusyu-shi, Japan) and Channel 2, Tokyo.
  • Teaching credits include: over 300 Artist-in-Residencies worldwide; Associate Director, Drama Studio of London; Trainer at American Conservatory Theater; Founding Member of the American Society of Fight Directors, the Nordic Society of Fight Directors and the New Zealand Fight Directors.
  • Professional work with: Placido Domingo, Vincent Price, Forrest Whittaker, Linda Pearl, Annette Benning, Peter Coyote, Colum Meany, Milton Katsalas, Ronald Reagan, Jr., Mary Cosby, Joni Mitchell, Takahara Sawada, Jim Perri, Karen Shepherd and Mark Dacascos.
  • Chief Creative/Visionary Officer (CCVO) for D.O.E. Creative and Visionary Director, worked directly alongside CEO envisioning and creating the goals of DOE in preparation for producing a graphic novel.Professional ExperienceWriter/Director/Stunt Coordinator Imagine-That-Productions – Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Final Mission Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan  Produced by Rick Harbor/See Productions, at Space WorldA non-stop action production combining intricate wave blaster activity with precision driving. The dare-devil mercenaries blend sword fights, fist fights and kickboxing with gunfire using filmetic-style acting, augmented with explosions/pryo and packed with falls, slides and dives.The Park averaged annual attendance in the 2.1 million range and officials said that, within days of opening, the Final Mission was pushing the gate count. Surveys showed that 44% of the daily gate came to the show.  Because of its large scope, the show received a great deal of national press in Japan. There were many broadcasts from the set . The reporters and entertainers wanted to dress up and be part of the show. It also got a tremendous word-of-mouth promotion.The Final Mission premise centers around an “avenger-like” male/female team of special agents assigned the task of recovering a Doomsday Weapon from a group of terrorists. The set included a waterfront headquarters, warehouse and watchtower buildings. Stunts, props and effects include a Patriot Missile Launcher, a full- sized helicopter, ATV’s, a collapsing 35-foot tall warehouse plus explosions, water cannons and a great deal of pyrotechnics supplied by Ohira Special Effects Co. Ltd. There were 10 All-American actors on site, with seven performing at any one time.
  • Silver Tongue
  • Director/Fight Director Vikingland – Oslo, Norway
  • A Norwegian TV action/comedy pilot about Vikings shot on location at Viking Land in Oslo, Norway. Developed for a 13 episode TV production for Channel 2 Oslo, Norway.

The Dueling Pirates

Director/Fight Director
MGM Grand – Las Vegas, Nevada

A cartoon-style swashbuckler, full of danger, romance and comedy. Dancing, high falls, sword fights and EFX make this an entertainment event for the entire family. It is a proven crowd-pleaser which played daily at MGM Grand for 6 years as well as in Australia. It offers twenty minutes of fast-moving, fun-loving, explosive entertainment.

Consultant/Fight Director/Motion Capture/Stunts Advanced Reality Interactive – Marin, CA.

A Fork in the Tale

This is a full motion video (FMV) adventure game developed by Advance Reality Interactive and published by Any River Entertainment on February 28, 1997 that features the voice of comedian Rob Schneider as the protagonist who finds himself in the land of Eseveron. The player must watch numerous video sequences and click on certain icons at specific times to proceed, all in an effort to figure out what is happening and how to escape.

The game draws heavily from Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair games and features Bay Area actors Dale Morris, Fred Smith, Michael Ronin Orlando, Eric Carlson, Kaliopi Eleni, Jett, Pamela Herron and Jody Mortara among the fifty plus roles. Fight Directors: J.R. Beardsley/ Randall Miller. Because of the large number of video sequences, the game was originally released on 5 CDs.

Channel 5 – Tokyo, Japan YOKOHAMA 2000

Produced international illusion spectacular with renowned Japanese television mogul, Takahara Sawada (often referred to as the Aaron Spelling of Japan) in Osaka, Japan. Live, in a 5000 seat theater, filmed and aired for channel 5 Tokyo on HDV, five camera shoot with boom. Directed live show and shoot to promote final international soccer World Cup between Japan/Korea.

International illusionists included: Princess Tenko, Nicolas Night, Val Vladimir and Johnathan David Bass.

Writer/Director/Fight Director/Stunt Coordinator.

Imagine-That-Productions – Mumbai, India

Involved in the research and development phase to create a stunt show with Imagine That Productions in Las Vegas in conjunction with LEC Entertainment for a world class stunt show in Mumbai. Created script for action

show based loosely on the film “Dhoom”, an action musical. Traveled to India and consulted on design of theater and project.

Universal Japan – Osaka, Japan Wild West Stunt Show

Developed and wrote script/action sequences for Wild West action stunt show and was responsible for consulting on music, EFX and action sequences.
Conan: The Sword and Sorcery Spectacular

Director/Fight Director/Casting
Universal Studios – Hollywood, CA

Popular state-of-the-art action show that ran for nine years, rating in top two shows during its entire existence. Accidents were cut by 95% within the first month of taking over the show. Entertained over 5 million people annually with seven revolving casts performing up to seven shows daily.

The Car is Born

Associate Producer
Kampelmann Productions – Tampa, Florida

Kampelmann Productions.
A compelling story of love, family and determination. The untold story of Berta and Carl Benz and the first automobile road trip. Starring Steve Kamplemann as Carl and Ulli Kampalmann as Berta Benz.

Introducing the first automobile that changed the world.

The Dreamasterz

Director/Writer/Fight Fight Director/Stunt Coordinator  – Las Vegas, Nevada

Teaser for the Dreamasterz illusion team. Co-written by the team and J.R. Beardsley for an action, multi- media production blending swashbuckling with “cliff-hanging” romance. Illusions, sword fighting and EFX made this an entertainment event enjoyed by all ages.

The Duelists

Director/Fight Director
Universal Studios – Hollywood, CA.

Universal Studios/Hollywood–y2XE&feature=related

A live-action show based on a duel that occurred in France. Played in the French Quarters at Universal Studios/Hollywood. Played three times daily.


Mesa State College 1987 Grand Junction, CO, USA Theater

B.A. in Acting and Directing with a Minor in Dance. Went on to study Acting at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, CA. Studied with American Fight Directors and became one of the original nine Fight Masters Taught internationally as well as staged numerous productions for Theater, Opera and Dance at major companies, universities and professional acting schools. A master trainer in the art of staged combat. Studied with masters, martial artists and builders of the sword internationally.