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An International Award-Winning writer, producer, and director. Classically trained actor. Chief Creative Visionary Officer capable of delivering superb results under high-stress time and organizational challenges. A Proven team leader and problem solver experience includes; International renowned Fight Master of the sword; a producer of and director of major illusionists, live action shows, and extravaganzas. “My talents have allowed me to live and work internationally in TV/film/theatre/education and the video gaming industry.” Over 35 years experience in the entertainment industry with a professional network that spans the globe. Exceptionally talented, extremely creative, with strong artistic vision and highly developed aesthetic. Able to develop multi-million dollar award winning programs internationally from conceptualization to fullest developed potential.

JR w glassesWork directly with film companies envisioning and creating the artistic goals of their production. Assist with development and execution of script/story-line as well as coordinating the implementation of story-line, characters, and productions. Key consult for casting/crew selection. Oversee safety compliance and injury preventative measures. Consult in media representation. Coordinate international transportation arrangements for cast, crew, and equipment.

Work directly with production companies, assisting in the casting and training of actors, assisting with financial plan developments, and handling on and off-site coordination. Well known as a versatile contributor with a strong creative aesthetic, top-flight consensus-building and problem-solving skills, and the ability to come up with solutions to complex issues.

  • Based on the West coast J.R. worked extensively for over 25 years  professionally , on IMG_0012stage and screen, Live action extravaganzas for theme parks, casinos while teaching at Major Universities and professional acting schools before going  international.
  • A seasoned veteran of action entertainment responsible for multi-million dollar productions internationally and nationally. 
  • Private Training Workshops

J.R. has trained some of the most noted Fight Directors and Stunt Coordinators in the world. Spending over twenty years certifying thousands of Fight directors, Actors, Directors, Stunt Coordinators and the movers and shakers in the field of sword for the stage and screen.

  • JR has worked and lived in the United States, West Indies, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, England, Japan, India, New Zealand and Australia.
  •  Stage, Screen,Theme Park and Casino Entertainment for over 35 years including hundreds of Artist-in-Residence appointments at universities and professional acting schools internationally.
  • JR’s theater and opera credits include: Berkeley Rep, American Conservatory Theater, P.C.P.A. California Shakespeare Festival, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, San Francisco Mime Troupe, Marin Repertory, Tiffany Theater, Beverly Hills Playhouse, San Francisco Opera, Los Angeles Music Center and the Aspen Music Festival.
  • Casino/Theme Park entertainment credits include: MGM; Universal Studios (Hollywood); Universal Escape (Florida); Universal (Japan); Target; Burbank Studios; Fox Studios; Caesar’s Palace; Harrah’s (New Zealand); See Productions (Las Vegas); Farrington Productions (Las Vegas); Space World (Kitakyusyu-shi, Japan) and Channel 2, Tokyo.
  • Teaching credits include: over 300 Artist-in-Residencies worldwide; Associate Director, Drama Studio of London; Trainer at American Conservatory Theater; Founding Member of the American Society of Fight Directors, the Nordic Society of Fight Directors and the New Zealand Fight Directors.

The many artists JR has worked with include Placido Domingo, Vincent Price, Forrest Whittaker, Cynthia Stevenson, Linda Pearl, Annette Benning, Peter Coyote, Vincent Dowling, Colum Meany, Milton Katsalas, Migel Ferra, Ronald Reagan, Jr., Mary Cosby, Pat Talman, Joni Mitchell, Takahara Sawada, Jim Perri, Karen Shepherd, Mark Dacascos. Thomas Dupont, Thom Williams.

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JR  Beardsley Acting Reels etc…

“Voice Over”

Written, designed and performed by JR Beardsley


On Acting (The Art of Giving it Up)

Article published by Universal Film Magazine by JR Beardsley

JR Beardsley acting style: Blends British Technique with Method and Stanislavsky’s System. Creating a rough yet elegant style. A classically trained actor both stage and screen. Influences: Vincent Price,  Re Skeleton, Paddy Craen and Oscar Kolombotovich.

“The Care Taker” by Harold Pinter JR Beardsley portrays Aston

Explaining his involuntary experience of shock treatment in a London psychiatric hospital. It was a psychological study of the confluence of power, allegiance, innocence, and corruption among two brothers and a tramp, became Pinter’s first significant commercial success.

Shakespeare’s Richard III

JR Beardsley portrays Clarence Richard’s brother


EARTHSHIP Trailer: Taos New Mexico

Cold Audition: JR Beardsley Western/New Mexico

Indiegogo Fund Raising Campaign

Touche International Films Production Company. JR Beardsley producer/pitch.

Touché International Films LLC. New Mexico

Touche International Films LLC. New Mexico JR Beardsley spot for an Indiegogo campaign for a screenplay Rainshadow written by DJ Travis. We were to co-produce this with her but unfortunately the goal was not met…

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