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Past Projects

  John Robert Beardsley

Producer, Writer, Director, Actor, Fight Coordinator and Sword Master

                                              Live and Film Action Spectaculars

11These are multi-million dollar, non-stop action productions. The highly entertaining combination of danger and humor with historical reality saw the excited audiences constantly on their feet.



Final Mission (Japan)

Final Mission

J.R. Beardsley,  Writer/Director/Stunt Coordinator

Produced by Rick Harbor of See Productions, Las Vegas, Tawaka Sawada, Channel 2 Tokyo.  Produced at Space World Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan.

The Park averaged annual attendance in the 2.1 million range and officials said that, within days of opening,  Final Mission was pushing the gate count. Surveys showed that 44% of the daily gate came to the show. Because of its large scope, the show received a great deal of national press in Japan. There were many broadcasts from the set (reporters and entertainers wanted to dress up and be part of the show). It received tremendous word-of-mouth promotion. The Final Mission story line centers around an Avenger-like male/female team of special agents assigned the task of recovering a Doomsday Weapon from a group of terrorists.

Universal Studios, Hollywood

The Adventures of Conan:

a Sword and Sorcery Spectacular

Adventures of Conan, behind the scenes

Adventures of Conan, 1986

Direction, casting and fight direction/sword training

by J.R. Beardsley

Conan: The Sword and Sorcery Spectacular

was a popular Universal Studios/Hollywood state-of-the-art action show that ran for nine years, rating in top two shows during its entire existence.  This production entertained over 5 million people annually with seven revolving casts performing up to seven shows daily.  Behind the scenes, accidents were cut by 95% within the first month of Beardsley taking over the action.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

The Dueling Pirates

Live Action Stunt Show

Direction, Fight Choreography and Sword Training

by J.R. Beardsley.

The Dueling Pirates was cartoon-style swashbuckler production, full of danger, romance and comedy. Dancing, high falls, sword fights and EFX made this a memorable entertainment event for the entire family. It was a successful crowd pleaser which played daily at MGM Grand for 6 years as well as in Australia. It offered twenty lively minutes of fast-moving, fun-loving, explosive entertainment.

Universal Studios, Florida

Introducing Universal Escape Theme Park

Directed by J.R. Beardsley.

Presented at the Target Center, Minneapolis, this was a star-studded, live extravaganza  which introduced the new character, Spiderman and featured Bill Cosby, Cheyenne and Blues Brothers.  It was the annual Target Convention and a promo for the Universal Escape opening. The production blended action, stunts, ice skating, music and famous cartoon characters.

Beardsley additionally consulted on Sinbad at Universal Escape.

Universal Studios, Hollywood

The Duelist

 Direction, Sword Training and Choreography by J.R. Beardsley.

This was a live-action show based on a famous historical duel that occurred in France.  It was staged in the French Quarter at Universal Studios, Hollywood, with period costumes and weapons.


“EAKULU” A Rocking Reggae Adrenaline Rush


Taos, New Mexico


 Feature character Harlan, Killer Clown

Stunt Coordination

The Earthship trailer was filmed in the summer of 2009 outside Taos, New Mexico. The house, Phoenix House, is in a real location known as  Earthship Biotecture, one of the largest sustainable earthships ever built.

CATT magnet photshop2


Investor Presentation

Two bereft children are left by their just-widowed father, gone to borrow a wagon.  His three hour trip extends into the night when a raging blizzard descends upon the homesteader’s tiny shack, occupied by the now-thoroughly-frightened children.  The blizzard prevents his return for 2 nights, leaving the children to face several difficult situations that call upon their personal resources and integrity to overcome:  an injured cowboy, an enraged parent looking for the cowboy, dwindling food supplies and the loss of the fire in the stove combine to make this true story vividly unforgettable.


Fight Director

  Fork in the Tale, an interactive video, features the voice of comedian Rob Schneider whose character finds himself in the land of Eseveron. The player must watch numerous video sequences and click on certain icons at specific times to proceed, all in an effort to figure out what is happening and how to escape. The game draws heavily from Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair games.


 Director, Fight Choreography, Sword Training

 Directed Action Design/Fight choreography JR Beardsley

A Channel 2, Oslo, TV action/comedy teaser about Vikings, shot on location at Viking Land in Oslo, Norway.

Indiegogo Fund Raising Campaign “Rain Shadow”

Touche’ International Films Producer/ JR Beardsley pitch

Touché International Films LLC. New Mexico

Touche International Films LLC. New Mexico JR Beardsley spot for an Indiegogo campaign for a screenplay Rainshadow written by DJ Travis. We were to co-produce this with her but unfortunately the goal was not met…

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