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“Swashbuckling for the Silver Screen”

With International Award Winning Sword Master

J.R. Beardsley.

 15Internationally and nationally J.R. has trained some of the most noted Fight Directors and Stunt Coordinators in the world. Spending over twenty years certifying thousands of Fight directors, Actors, Directors, Stunt Coordinators and the movers and shakers in the field of sword for the stage and screen.Too numerous to mention but the likes of  Thomas DuPont  and Thom Williams are a couple I am proud of.

One of nine original recognized Fight Masters of the Society of American Fight Directors Instrumental in founding the principles and the direction from it’s conception. 

  • Fight Director/Director in San Francisco, Hollywood, Las Vegas
  • Trainer/Associate Director American Conservatory Theatre and Drama Studio London.original
  • Founder, Fight Master creator and visionary of Touché International and Academy of the Sword in the San Francisco Bay Area giving stage combat a huge presence on the West Coast.
  • Founding member of the Nordic Society of Stage Fighting, which represents Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, and Latvia.
  •  Fight Director/ Trainer major professional acting Academy’s  Sweden, Norway, England, and Denmark. Also New Zealand, Australia, Japan, France and Spain.


J.R. has had the pleasure of working with world class producers, master directors, stunt coordinators, martial artists, fight directors and actors. Many of JR’s students are currently working and have worked on most of the sword fight films, television and major theatres internationally.  over the last 30 years.

  • Fortunate to learn and study privately  at Stratford, Ontario, with Errol Flynn’s fight director/double in Europe, who was a celebrated actor in Europe, USA, and Canada the late Paddy Craen.  Paddy also trained Sir John Gielgud and Sir Lawrence Olivier on stage and screen swashbuckling.
  • After receiving his BFA in acting, directing with a minor in dance at Mesa College in Colorado he was accepted to the professional acting program at American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. Spending his early early days in Berkeley and San Francisco he had the pleasure to work with Julius Pallfy-Alpar an incredible man and gifted trainer and sword master in both the combative and stage combative forms.
  • In L.A. JR spent time with and was able to know Ralph Faulkner. JR MotorcycleDuring the 80’s JR staged several productions at The Falcon Studios. Staging fights for Milton Katselas Romeo and Juliet at the Skylight theatre winning both the Dramalogue and Drama Crtic awards for best fights.  In fact after Mr. Faulkner passed he was in negotiation at one point to purchase the studios which although a bit run down was rich in history in Hollywood.
  • In Spain, J.R. studied the use and construction of the sword  with the ever most elegant gentleman, Oscar F. Kolombatovich, former Fencing Master, Metropolitan Opera, New York, and Executive Secretary, Historical Fencing Society at his showroom and forge in Madrid and Toledo.
  • He traveled to France’s Lamé Foundry designing theatrical stage combat blades, representing American Fencer’s Supply in San Francisco and was instrumental in developing their armory line which he introduced  to Stage and screen industry prop supplier’s internationally as well theatrical and Opera houses from New York to L.A.
  • In Japan J.R. wrote, directed Final Mission Produced by TV mogul Tawaka Sawada, Channel 2 Tokyo.  Produced at Space World Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan.and went on to produce and direct several major TV and Illusion extravaganzas in Tokyo and Kyoto.
  • JR humbly pays homage to two friends and Fight Masters from whom he learned greatly and later had the pleasure to teach alongside at many workshops nationally and internationally: Fight Masters David Boushey and Erik Fredrickson.

J.R considers the opportunity to have studied and worked all over the world a rare blessing. With exposure to both Eastern and Western disciplines, J.R. has sculpted his artistry with a unique blend of martial/musical/ comedic/theatrical influences. Blending training in mime, new vaudeville, Suzuki, contact improve he has also created a training style “Muzika Bottas” which blends music, Suzuki and a Tia Chi performance style of Katas for focus and empowerment.

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