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JR Beardsley

International Award-Winning, Action Designer/ Fight Director, Producer and Actor.





Thom Williams
Stunt Coordinator at Legendary Entertainment Hollywood, California

I had the pleasure of working for J.R. for a couple months in Kita Kyushu, Japan several years ago in a live action stunt show at a theme park called Space World. He had a great vision for not only the choreography, but also for performance and acting. He knew exactly what he wanted ahead of time and was very good at seeing his vision become a reality. I remember the producers and owners at Space World being extremely happy with J.R.’s directing services.

Rick Harbour/ MGM GRAND Las Vegas, Hollywood
President and Producer Imagine That Entertainment, Las Vegas, Nevada

15Having contracted J.R. Beardsley for several shows and projects, in Japan, the U.S.A. and Australia, as a show writer and director – I have seen him manage the ‘impossible’ and deliver within very tight deadlines. I would consider him an indispensable asset to any production team or show. J.R.’s deep sense of responsibility to his work, his performers and crew was expressed in a level of commitment I have rarely seen since working with him. Despite situations that many would consider overwhelming, J.R. always brought with him an upbeat creative attitude which has always spilled over to boost the moral of the entire team – leading to great audience response to every show.
April 27, 2008, Rick was J.R.’s client.

Patrick Moloney/Universal Studios Hollywood
VP Production Freeman XPJR is a creative an innovative director, fight choreographer and performer. I hired him when I was VP of Entertainment for Universal Studios Hollywood. His direction positively effected guest ratings of our Conan show and reduced accidents at the same time. I would use him again without question and look forward to working with him in the future.
April 29, 2008, Patrick was J.R.’s client/

Ramie Balbuena on Behance
Director at Blue Dragon Productions
Comic Book Illustrator, Graphic Artist and Film Maker. Philippines

JR is a pleasure to work with. He knows his craft and the best there is in the industry. It’s both a privilege and a blessing to be educated by this master of swords and fight choreographer/director. With his creative talent, he makes new things look easy to come up with. I’ve been brought several times to other worlds with his innovative ideas. JR, is an alleluia, a special, unique, unrepeatable human being. There has never been anyone like him and never well. He is the joy of God’s creation!
May 11, 2010, Ramie worked with J.R. at Touche´ International

Donna Lynne
Vocalist / Band Leader Worldwide Entertainer at GoMama Entertainment, Las Vegas, Nevada.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with J.R. on several projects. He’s been very consistent, and absolutely fantastic to work with. He’s all pro, magically creative, very detail oriented and articulate. J.R. knows his craft inside out! I love the fact that no matter the subject, he keeps it light with his incredibly funny, personality all the while getting the job done! He’s always smiling, positive & up beat, which makes it very easy & desirable to work with him. I have no absolutely no hesitation recommending J.R. for your artistic project! J.R. Beardsley is one of “thee best” in the business!less

June 21, 2011, Donna worked directly with J.R. at Touche´ InternationalJune 21, 2011, Donna worked directly with J.R. at Touche´ International

Martin Spang Olsen Copenhagen, Denmark
CEO, lecturer, teacher, anchor, painter, musician, writer, musicologist (and more.)

O, where to start? J.R. is a lighthouse, an inspiration, a true teacher and a friend. I have had the pleasure of J.R on several occasions as his student and later as his colleague and friend. At all times I noticed J.R.’s amazing gifts professionally as well as socially; around him people always smile, while, almost unnoticed, elaborated choreographies and highly difficult staging is created. J.R. pass on the ENERGY, the true essence, more than just the techniques. He is a master, yes, but he is at the same time a step ahead: The master playing with the energy, improvising, pushing, testing, and being completely mad in the most earnest and skillful Bacchantic sort of way. A triton, a teuton, a titan… What more can I say? Hire him, you won’t be disappointed!less
December 16, 2008, Martin Spang worked indirectly for J.R. at The Society of American Fight Directors

December 16, 2008, Martin Spang worked indirectly for J.R. at The Society of American Fight Directors

Mark Bedell
The Academy of Staged Combat

I have done many MANY stunt shows and Fight Directed hundreds of plays.  I’ve choreographed for multi-million dollar shows and much MUCH smaller shows.  I’ve done shows at well known amusement parks all over the U.S.   I have won scores of awards (including two Emmy’s) for my work in Stunt Shows, Theatre, Opera, Television, Films and Documentaries.

27I knew of J.R. long before I met him in 2012.   He was described to me as the father of the modern stunt show.  Before him, stunt shows were rolling cars, flying motorcycles and high falling men, with no story-line.    He created high spectacle shows with STORY, music, thrilling stunts and strong characters… essentially plays…. but with the added excitement of explosions, fights and acrobatic displays.  What we all know today… as “the stunt show”.

I was thrilled to be able to work with J.R. and we worked very well together.

We are in the business of keeping performers SAFE while making things LOOK very violent.   J.R. and I “fought” well together.   We created many fights (to teach to a bilingual cast of 20) and worked smoothly and safely together.  I always found J.R. to be in full control of himself.  His punches looked violent but they were always “pulled”.  His targeting was specific and in perfect rhythm.  His acting was believable to the point that after we would demonstrate a fight, other performers (who know the business) would privately approach me to find out if he had hurt me.  Of course, he hadn’t… but he’d made it LOOK as though he had and fooled even experts in the trade.

Being able to work with J.R. as Fight Director and me as Fight Captain was a highlight of my career; but even better than that was that J.R. and I have remained friends and call each other often to catch up.   I feel honored to count J.R. among my friends and am doubly honored that he counts me among his.

We have not known each other long, only four years, but as he is a legend in my industry (an industry that I have been in for over 30 years) I feel like I’ve known him for much longer.

I look forward to the opportunity to swing steel and throw punches with J.R. again.  He is a great teacher… and a great inspiration to me.

Karen Sheperd Actress, Performing Arts Professional,
Fight Choreographer/Hollywood/Hong Kong

J. R. is a master swordsman and stage-combat instructor. His attention to safety and his ability to communicate his direction is exceptional. As a stage performer, I can tell you that J.R. Beardsley (with his concise instruction, positive personality and super creativity) brings out the best of performers’ abilities to define a showstopper!

23Tina Robinson Copenhagen, Denmark
Owner, Action Art, actor, performer of action and director

J.R. Beardsley is one of the most creative and innovative fight directors I’ve ever worked with. He always comes with new ideas and perspectives, not only with the fights but for the show as a whole including dialogue and movement. Never boring!
April 30, 2008, Tina was with another company when working with J.R. at Universal Studios, Hollywood/Florida/Japan.

Tom Fox former City Council for Emeryville, California

I am a former Council member for the City of Emeryville, California, an organizational coach and customer services manager for a large California Utility for more than 29 years. In these capacities I have interviewed hired, trained, mentored and coached hundreds and hundreds of employees. I am also a trained and certified organizational coach; work which involves problem solving and restructuring of working groups and the requisite training, motivation, and assessment of individuals as to their potential to re-align themselves within a change management context. I use these same skills in private coaching and with individuals and groups through my church. I am also a board member of Children Rescue Mission,
In short I have been assessing, coaching and managing staff professionally and personally in a leadership capacity for more than 30 years. I am a competent judge of character.

I have known John Beardsley since college, approximately since 1971. We were students together and later roommates who became friends. We were both involved in theatre arts but whereas I went into business, he continued in theater and became quite successful. He is one of the very few college friends I remain I touch with. He was, and remains, a very bright, creative, hardworking and caring man. He is a professional artist with an admirable and lengthy professional resume. By training he started as a stage fight choreographer for film and theater. These are the people who painstakingly direct live action sequences. Their reputations are built around their ability to maintain a cast’s safety. He later became filmmaker, producer and self-employed business owner.  As his friend I know him to be well educated, community service minded, well read, sincere, mature, serious, and passionate about his faith, his work and his relationships with others.   He is the opposite of a slacker and has a strong work ethic and sense of personal responsibility.
I know a smart, sensitive, very funny and caring person. I trust him and think he is quite responsible. I have watched him teach and inspire numerous student classes in various styles of fight choreography;  always inspiring students to push themselves to do better and always adamant about ensuring their safety and the safety of their co-workers on stage.  He is someone you would trust with a project because he communicates well and just has good instincts.  When he commits to something; he does it.  That sense of personal responsibility and work ethic caused his reputation to grow. He has traveled and worked internationally managing significant multi-million dollar projects with Universal Studios and well known entertainers such as Placido Domingo, Vincent Price and Forrest Whittaker and been involved with large productions like the iconic ‘Conan the Barbarian’.  A person with a reputation for violence, domestic abuse or irresponsibility would not last long in his industry.  There is just too much liability. To get an idea of who he is you can see his biography at Touche International’s website,

Tom Fox
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