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Outside Dueling Shot

This training is not for enthusiasts but for serious individuals in the craft of acting/action. 

Workshop brochure Denmark(1)This is a hands-on experience in the intricacy of creating theatrical and realistic delivery in the art and use of the sword for film, theatre and live-action performance.
Techniques must be learned, whether it is movement or moments. As a martial art, which this is, it takes years of development, as does the technique of acting. We focus by blending Method, British technique and the Stanislavski system. Vocal power, grounding, mental focus and physical  stanima are developed during training.

25This is training in execution for performance rather than actual combat. Safety is paramount.  This coaching is derived from years of disciplined study, professional experience, international teaching and directing from which the serious artist can be guided to theatrical empowerment.  Scripts, choreography, taping and critiquing  of individual performances are included.

Training includes Hollywood-style swashbuckling; rapier and dagger; broadsword; smallsword; quarterstaff; unarmed and bullwhip.

21Admission by pre-approval and interview.

Programs are available for those interested in hosting workshops or artist-in-residences.

Inquiries welcome.