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The Segovia Experience Travel/invest Spain

The Segovia Experience


Segovia Spain Travel/Invest

Indulge yourself in a Spanish adventure!

A once-in-a lifetime, intimate encounter…

revel in the romance of classical Spanish dancingjrmf-pedrz-set
and satiate your palate with sensations
 unique to a country rich in agriculture and history.

Tour the countryside:
open your senses to Castilian wines during the harvest,
savor an enormous variety of succulent hams and
gastronomically legendary tapas.
Roast baby lamb and piglet
Sip sangria on Segovia’s 2000 year old Roman Aqueduct

Before going to sleep
2080in a Palace with a royal history.
 indulge in the Spanish culture
in a way available to few tourists
 …in the grandeur of former nobility.


Ten lovely days of elegant entertainment and culture

with private parties in the heart  of a city dating to pre-Roman times.

Segovia is a beautiful city standing on a rocky outcrop
between the Eresma and Clamores Rivers,
3,300 feet above sea level
and 7 miles from the Sierra de Guadarrama.

Its proximity to high mountains makes Segovia
a place with a cold but Invigorating climate.  
Freezing temperatures are common
during the lengthy winter season.

front-yard yard-from-inside

This, in turn, favors the exuberance of nature, proliferation of forests,
streams and landscapes of great beauty


Segovia has been given the nickname of the Stone Ship.  


This is because the profile of the Alcázar Castle,
perched on the rocks, resembles the prow of a ship
while the Cathedral tower serves as the mast.
Lyricism aside, Segovia is one of the richest cities in Spain
for monuments  as well as historical and cultural traditions.
It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City in 1985.


The primary host for your Segovia Experience is Spanish-born and U.S. educated Cayetano de Cabanyes.  An architect, tano-in-house-standingjpgentrepreneur, scholar, philosopher and Don of the Palace (to which you will be personally introduced)) that has been in his family for over four generations. Tano will arrange our accommodations and host the primary functions of this adventure.

Tano’s father, Caytano de Cabanyes y Mata, a well-known architect in Spain, who designed the first Madrid Airport, had a vision for the palace that he partially remodeled while preserving its XVth century historical integrity.



Your second host is American John Robert Beardsley, world-renowned Sword Master, director/action coordinator for film and jack,me bisquittheater and owner of Touché International.  He will make the U.S. arrangements and will assist in all details once the group arrives in Spain.  Upon arrival in Madrid, there will be a shuttle to Segovia, your base for your stay and the variety of interesting sites in Segovia which are within walking distance of your lodging.





segovia-outsideUpon commitment, you will receive a packet of the events/expeditions during your stay.

Some of the interesting sites in Segovia within walking distance of your lodging include:

The city is famous for its first century Roman Aqueduct which was built of granite ashlar without mortar or clamps.

 was built over 4 centuries beginning in the 11th century and the cathedral in the center of the city.  Needless to say, there is much more history in this ancient city, which can be ingested with the local culinary delights and native wines.

starway-frontYour stay will be designed by and several parties hosted by Tano Cabanyes at his home in the heart of Segovia.

Using Segovia as your base, recommendations for investigating the beauty of Spain on various day trips, including Madrid, will be offered. There will be a hosted day trip for the group to the Ribero de Duero wine region, the best wine-producing area in Spain. Several parties at the palace will allow you to hear plans for the restoration and the investment opportunity being formulated…On day seven a shuttle to Madrid will be provided for three more days of culture and adventure until your scheduled departure (if desired…).

hallwya-to-kitchenFor additional information and to make a reservation, please email J. R. Beardsley,

For more photographs of Segovia, go to and

I look forward to hearing from you.


John Robert Beardsley