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Workshop Offerings

22Introduction to Single Sword
Learn the basic footwork, parries and cuts for using a sword onstage. Particular attention will be paid to the safeties required for stage and screen  sword play.

Introduction to Unarmed
Basic concepts for communication and safety are covered as well as several techniques including punches/slaps, hair pulls, etc.

Swashbuckling 101
The light and fanciful blade play popularized during Hollywood’s golden age. Movies such as The Mark of Zorro, The Sea Hawk and Captain Blood feature this style of swordplay. Students will be introduced to the principles of the style and given a fight to perform. Basic knowledge of footwork and parries required.

Whip Cracking for the Stage
Introduction to the techniques oswords-e1409697065895f whip cracking with special focus on methods of safe and effective theatrical use. Targeting, wraps and single cracks will be introduced first followed by multiple cracking techniques (depending on individual progress).

Film Fighting:
This course takes the  stage combatant through the developmental stages of learning the vocabulary for performing fights in the two-dimensional field of film and television. Focusing on selling violence on camera. Working with camera and monitor, individuals will be given the fundamental information necessary for properly adjusting technique for the eye of the camera.
25Actors will learn how to perform for the lens and the differences between fighting for stage and film. All will be given a generic script with short fight to record on the camera and class will conclude with a critique of the filmed fights. Previous experience or take Intermediate Unarmed for Film.
Camera angles and other techniques will be explored to give maximum effect.

Introduction to Falling
The most common injuries on stage occur when throwing oneself to the floor. Learn how to safely embrace mother earth with a variety of controlled falls.


Complete use of the staff involving English staff and Chinese 18acrobat training mixing various martial art styles. All in a completely safe and realistic delivary.



Introduction to Rapier & Dagger
Learn the basic concepts of double fence for the stage and how to use two weapons to your advantage. Basic R&D moves will be covered.

Introduction to Long-sword

24Talhoffer’s Fechtbuch (ca 1467) is universally acknowledged as one of the great texts of the Medieval German Masters.

Form in the style of Hans Talhoffer was a fencing-master in southern Germany in the 15th century. He is the author several Fechtbücher, illustrated treatises describing methods of fighting with various weapons, including unarmed combat (grappling), dagger, long sword, pole weapons and mounted combat. He is a contemporary of fencing-master Paulus Kal (whose manuscript may contain hints of professional rivalry between the two). Talhoffer taught within the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer.